SOLC 14/18 Drums

Adding onto my many talents, I play the drums. I am a regular player for my church, and yesterday I realized something. I either mess up a lot or become a rock star. I keep practicing and hopefully some day I’ll be better than I am right now.

SOLC 13/18 Tom Hanks

Yesterday my science class started a movie titled “Osmosis Jones” and let me just say that this movie is very…different. One of the main characters in the movie is Tom Hanks, a very actor. I admire every movie I’ve seen him in. My favorite movie with him starring in it, would have to be Forest Gump. Forest Gump is one of those movies that you just can’t forget. And after nearly a decade of first seeing that movie. I still don’t forget it.

SOLC 12/18 Dehydration

For pre U.I.L. yesterday I had to walk to Berkner High School. It’s not a long walk. It took me about 25 minutes. I was a little late when I finally got there, but I made it and only missed of the three songs we were performing. By the time we started sight-reading, I started to feel a little dizzy and couldn’t see straight. I was granted the permission to sit down and drink some water. It was at that moment that I realized that I haven’t drank any water the whole day and I just walked 35 minutes in 85 degree heat and suddenly entered a building with the a.c. running. So the moral of the story is…I should drink more water.

SOLC 11/18 No life and Pre U.I.L.

So for I’ve been talking about what I did for the day or what I’m going to do tomorrow. But suddenly my life is boring and I have nothing to wright about. Nothing is interesting except for the fact that I have pre U.I.L. for choir. It’s at 4:00 but I have to be there by 3:50. It’s at Berkner High School and I have to walk, which would take 20 minutes. So let’s just say it’s going to be an interesting day.

10/18 SOLC Origami

I was planning on having my blogs based on origami that I’ve made but since I am too lazy to try to figure out how to get the photos on the computer, I just decided to take another path.

SOLC 9/18 Vengeful Callus

Hello again world. I’m back again. And so is my first finger callus. I haven’t played my bass in 9 whole days so my callus went away. But today when I played the bass my first finger felted liked it was burning! It hurt just to play one note! But I guess I’ll just have to get used to it. AGAIN!

SOLC 8/18 Vegas

For spring break I am going to Las Vegas Nevada. I am so excited. Not only do I get a well deserved break but I also get a 18 hour road trip. (yayyy *sarcasm*)

SOLC 7/18 temporary farewell

Today a friend  who I barely just met at the beginning of the school year and now she has to transfer schools. It kinda sucks because she was a good friend. I refuse to say good bye forever. Because I am gong to make sure that I will see this psychotic friend again.

SOLC 6/28 Ready for spring break

Our spring break isn’t until next week so this is our last week of school until then. I’m so exhausted and restless. I’ve been playing my bass a lot and now I have a callus on my first finger. Not only that I have had so much work that sometimes I have to skip my homework because it’s already so late. Not only that I’ve barely have had enough sleep. I’m always yawning in my first period which is choir and trust me when I say that singing and yawning do not  mix.

SOLC 5/18 U.I.L and a tough crowd

Hello again world. I am in orchestra and I play the double bass. My class (concert orchestra) had a contest called U.I.L. today. We were hoping to get sweepstakes, meaning we would have ones from all three judges in the for our main songs, and sight reading. We got straight ones from our first judges. But when we did our sight reading we got a two over-all. That’s not bad but it means we did not get sweepstakes. The fact that we got a two doesn’t mean every judge gave us a two. We got two from two of them (haha irony) and a three from the other. I had mixed feelings with that score but the only thing I can do is push myself to become even better than I already am.